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How to blend in makeup

Learn how to blend like a pro, featuring your favorite beauty gurus. Here’s how to blend your makeup seamlessly without a smudge or line in sight. Instead of blending, you’re just applying more shadow because there is still product on the brush. Then apply foundation with a damp sponge, such as the Beauty Blender Cosmetic Sponge ($, sephora. Most women (we hope) are very familiar with what is probably the cardinal rule of makeup blending: Never stop applying foundation at your jaw line, lest you.

Blend your makeup effortlessly in 5 steps without having to deal with another foundation or blush streak ever again. We've all been there—you're sitting in front of the mirror, wondering why your makeup looks anything less than perfectly blended. You used what you thought. I blend my makeup! Simple as it may seem, this technique took me some serious trial and error. As a teenager, I hid my insecurity behind a.

Ask any professional makeup artist, and they'll tell you that the number one rule for flawless coverage is to blend, blend, blend. There's nothing. How to Blend Face Makeup Into the Neck. Foundation is the base for the rest of all of the makeup that you wear. Properly applied foundation creates an. We asked professional makeup artists to share their go-to tips for how to blend eye shadow without any harsh edges or muddying shades. Liquid foundation should be applied with a brush, because a brush will use less foundation and blend the makeup better than your fingers or a sponge. For a more angular face with minimal makeup, try this quick and easy guide to Blend any excess product with a damp beautyblender.".

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