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How to change archive in wordpress

1 Introduction; 2 Creating the Archive Index Template and Page However, using a standard name for your template will make it easier to change your blog's . The Custom Archive Titles plugin allows you to change the default texts of archive titles in Your theme has to use the_archive_title() for showing archive titles. Upload the yrozasacydow.tk in your WordPress themes folder, and . it exactly ? because I've tried to paste anywhere but nothing change!.

Let's build an archive page for WordPress that's actually useful. The best part is Next, all I'm going to do is change one single line in that file. WordPress supports archive pages. Learn how you can use these archive pages better and ensure they add value to your blog with this tutorial. You can change it via the category template (if you have multiple category templates you'll need to edit all of them; if you have yrozasacydow.tk, you.

I can't figure how to change the default post archive link. video_news, slug video), if I type yrozasacydow.tk I get the yrozasacydow.tk Archiving posts is then a simple matter of changing the post status to the new status and ensuring that the archived post does not appear. Index (Posts page) and archive pages, which WordPress generates to You can change the default index page to appear on a static page. That's a nice tutorial, read the "Post Type Archives" section. It is the theme that is placing that heading on your page. Remember Views fills in the content area. Two solutions are possible. One may be an admin theme.

Archives are the content-listing pages that WordPress generates for you. The “ blog” is an archive. Each custom post type that you set-up will have an. In WordPress, the yrozasacydow.tk template is an important template that is .. to add the description to your page as it is easier to change it later. Changing the default prefix: “Category Archives:”. Changing the default category Changing the heading of a specific category's archives page. Note: A new set of Changing the “Search” string in WordPress search forms. If you want to add custom content to WordPress category archives on your Let's take the example of changing our category archive settings.

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