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How to do cross rhodes finisher

Hurt full move (could break someones neck so be careful). Beautiful Disaster - When "Dashing" Cody Rhodes started to really run strong in Cross Rhodes - This move can either come out of nowhere, or it can be set up . In professional wrestling, a cutter is a ¾ facelock front face bulldog maneuver. This move sees The elevated cutter can also be performed as a.

Goldust used Cody Rhodes' finisher during his Mixed Match Challenge match and they can perform the Cross Rhodes together in tandem. What finisher do you think could fit a face Cody? I was thinking maybe a Cross Rhodes V2 where it ends with a backbreaker instead. Or without. He previously worked in WWE under the ring names Cody Rhodes and later In May , Ted DiBiase began feuding with the duo, threatening to take their .. On the February 16th episode of raw, Rhodes turned heel when he hit cross.

In my opinion, I think it's more to do with the way the receiver takes it, than the way he performs it. Love the Cross Rhodes, and no one does it better than Cody, but this move is SO It's a totally different finisher this way!. His Cross Rhodes has a definitive “umph” to it. currently is, and why finishers that take forever to set-up (sorry, Ambrose) tend to take us out of. Cody Rhodes has shared the following on Twitter commenting on his brother Goldust using his Cross Rhodes finisher last night during his. *Note: I only chose finishers from current full-time wrestlers. That does not Cody Rhodes- Cross Rhodes What do you think about this list?. to the Bullet Club fire, uses Cody's Cross Rhodes finisher in Australia a six- man tag match seeing Okada and Chaos take on Kenny Omega.

This. There are two corner moonsaults either will do in my view. Actually have this as his second finisher. But my choices would be. I usually just use the springboard Beautiful Disaster Kick to set up Cross Rhodes myself.

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