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Niah national park what is unique

Niah National Park, located within Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia, is the site of the Niah The caves have been used by humans at different times ranging from the prehistory to neolithic, Chinese Sung-Era and more recent times. Niah Great Cave is alive with years of unwritten history, because it was from the cave mouth out over the surrounding jungle is quite unique, and the. Known for the site where a 40, year old human remains were discovered, Niah National Park offers jungle walk, Iban longhouse and cave experiences.

On the way from Bintulu to Miri, km south-west of Miri, you will pass the gorgeous Niah National Park ( hectares). Together with Gunung Mulu National. Niah National Park [1] on the island of Borneo, is in Sarawak, a state in East Malaysia, and one of the birthplaces of human civilisation. Explore Niah National Park holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | The vast limestone caverns of sq-km Niah National Park are among.

Crossed Border Excursion Ex Brunei: Niah Caves National Park. Attraction .. Starting off at the information centre with a brief and some interesting facts. The caving system is both interesting and intricate, and proves to be the main unique selling point of the national park. When you are at Gua Niah, you will be. Niah National Park is about 1hr 45min drive from Miri town centre. Just a little tip for those who want to go on the cheap and prefer to travel the way some locals. Over km up the coast from Kuching, hidden in the forests of Miri, are the Niah Caves. The park covers a vast swathe of 3, hectares of peat swamp. Aug 22, Stroll along the wooden boardwalk into Niah National Park view at the end of the cave is stunningly picturesque with its unique overhangs.

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