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What does reallocation of funds means

Reallocate definition: When organizations reallocate money or resources, they decide to Money should be reallocated to towns devastated by pit closures. a: to apportion or distribute (something) in a new or different way The best way to start an overhaul of the nation's statistical system would be to reallocate funds. Define reallocate. reallocate synonyms, reallocate pronunciation, reallocate Samruk-Kazyna to reallocate funds in favor of projects in petrochemicals, mining .

Definition of allocation in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English Meaning of allocation as a finance term. What does allocation mean in finance?. Reallocate definition, to set apart for a particular purpose; assign or allot: to allocate funds for new projects. See more. You'll often hear this word used when talking about things like government funding. People often debate the allocation of federal funds. Should tax dollars be.

An asset allocation fund is a fund that provides investors with a diversified portfolio of investments across various asset classes. Definition/background. The budget plan is the financial expression of the project or program as approved during the award process. project needs and may request the formal reallocation of funds from one spending category, or object code. Definition of allocation: Finance: An authorization to incur expense or obligation up to a specified amount, for a specific purpose, and within a specific period. If a portfolio isn't actively managed, money can be wasted, or worse, earnings opportunities could be missed. Active involvement and. Reallocation is when you change the percentage of assets invested in different asset classes. Rebalancing is when you sell or buy funds in your plan so that.

The Mutual Fund Portfolio: Definition of Rebalance Within that allocation, the investor may have 5 mutual funds, such as 4 stock funds at 20%. Asset allocation means more than just spreading your money around. It means choosing industries that hedge against the other in the event of. To provide a best practice for determining when sponsored projects should be Budget reallocations involve moving funds from one budget category to another For the NIH, significant rebudgeting means that a single direct cost category. RATIONALE The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is committed to Grant funds can only be reallocated when they directly support the scope of the originally approved outcomes for the grant. DEFINITIONS.

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